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1. Power Plate sessions

2. The History of the Power Plate.

3. How does it work?

4. Effects of the Power Plate

5. Scientific Studies

5. Scientific Studies


Various scientific studies have been conducted on the Power Plate and the benefits derived there from. A few of the studies are mentioned below. To see the detailed studies, please click on the link. Scientific studies



Strength increase after Power Plate compared with resistance training. At the university of Leuven Belgium extensive research was done with the Power Plate. One of the studies investigated the difference between conventional strength training and the Power Plate. The results indicate that the use of the Power Plate leads to the same strength increase over a 12 week period exercising three times a week as you will reach with conventional training but in far less time. This research proved that the Power Plate is a great way to increase strength.



Impact of Power Plate on cellulite. A very well established dermatology Centrum in Germany studied the effect of Power Plate on 60 women. After six months the participants showed an enormous decrease in cellulite levels by exercising only three times per week for an average of eleven minutes on the Power Plate per session. A group combining Power Plate with cardio fitness took four times as long to achieve only a marginally better result, proving that most of the results are attributable to the Power Plate.


Bone Density

Effect of six month Power Plate on hip density, muscle strength and postural control in Post menopausal women. One of the main problems of getting older is the loss of bone density and with that the higher risk of breaking bones. In this study the changes in bone density of 70 elderly women was measured over a six month program. The results indicate that only the group that use the Power Plate gained bone density while normal resistance training resulted in a decrease in bone density. Not only is bone density increased but also strength and balance improved. These are two other important factors in remaining fit and healthy.



Impact of Power Plate on muscles during rehabilitation. In order to investigate possibilities of using Power Plate in rehabilitation the University of Graz in Austria measured the strength increase of knee rehabilitation patients. One group did normal exercises and the other group use the Power Plate. After five weeks the strength increase of the Power Plate group increased with a 125%. This was almost twice as much as for the conventional rehabilitation group. Power Plate proves itself to be an excellent device to use in rehabilitation situations.

4. Effects of the Power Plate


Increase your metabolism:

Intensify fat burning and improve metabolism and reducing subcutaneous layers of fat. Special massage exercises will also target specific problem areas.


Increase muscle strength:

During a Power Plate session almost a 100% of the muscle fibers and muscle groups involved are activated clearly increasing strength and muscle stamina.


Cellulite and cosmetic consequences:

Massage programs on the Power Plate loosen up coagulated tissues and dodhesions, breakdown fat cells and improve the mobility of tissue layers. As cellulite is broken down and the connected tissues are reinforced, the skin tone will improve.


Pain dampening:

Due to increased blood circulation and extra stimulation of the nerves, pain is diminished. The increase in muscle tension during training often leads to a reduction of residual tension which also reduces pain.


Improved flexibility:

Intense circulation and warming of the muscles and tenderness will enhance flexibility of the body as well as loosening tension and coagulation of body tissues.


Improved fitness:

As the muscle tissue gets stronger more will be required of the supply system of the body, including the heart. This will lead to improved efficiency of all these systems.


Activated circulation:

During the Power Plate program the muscles works as a pump that introduces blood into even the smallest blood vessel at up to 50 times per second. This ensures that cells are provided with fuel very rapidly. As a result the body will carry off waste products much faster leading to improved regeneration.


Improved coordination:

Since all the receptors in the body are stimulated simultaneously, both the inter- and intra muscular coordination will improve. Reactions and sense of balance are also developed causing an immediate improvement.


Increased bone density:

The Power Plate stimulates the growth of bone tissue. Scientific research is showing that bone tissue increases after training on the Power Plate. Combined with stronger muscles and an improved sense of balance it offers a positive contribution in the battle of osteoporosis and reduces the risk of falling for the elderly in the particular.

3. How does it works?


The Power Plate generates a continuous special stretch reflex called the tonic vibration reflex in all involved muscles. The special vibrating platform stretches the muscles which activate tonic vibration reflexes because the Power Plate vibrates at 30-50 times per second. These involuntary muscle contractions happened at the same speed. Not only will your muscles contract and relax at a very high speed but also the amount of muscle fibers in every single muscle involved exceeds the amount of muscle tissue utilized in regular training. In conventional training a maximum of 40% of the muscle fibers are recruited. The Power Plate vibrations recruit between 95% and 97% of the muscle fibers.


The Power Plate creates instability in the human body, and with each vibration, the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per second. These contractions must work in multiple dimensions as the Power Plate machine actually oscillates on three planes exactly as the human body is designed to do.


For years we tried to become stronger and healthier through weight training. Adding extra weight made the muscle adapt to this heavier load and become stronger. Power Plate changes the acceleration factor instead of the weight, with much less strain on the ligaments and muscular skeleton system and no more long and exhausting sessions.


Power Plate Introduction Video

2. The History of the Power Plate.


The Russians experimented with vibration technology in order to strengthened muscles and bones weakened in space. Russian cosmonauts could stay in space for 420 days.


The Power Plate was invented by Guus van der Meer, a member of the Olympic coaching team in Netherlands and noted innovator in the field of exercise and athletic training. Seeking ways to improve conditioning and performance of elite athletes, van der Meer uncovered research on whole body vibration exercises that had been performed by scientists in Russia and Eastern Europe. In 2000 the first Power Plate prototype received its first enthusiastic welcome in response to immense global interests.

1. Power Plate sessions


A Power Plate session and/or rehabilitation session is 30 minutes and improves your personal fitness and/or injury recovery.


A normal Power Plate session consist of:

 Warm up


 Cool down and stretching


Sessions can be changed to accommodate your requirements and the focus can shift from muscle toning and strengthening to cardio fitness.


Advantages of the Power Plate

 Muscle strengthening and toning

 Core strengthening and stability

 Improve blood circulation

 Increase bone density (Osteoporoses)

 Improve balance and coordination

 Massages for cellulite reduction


Please see testimonials of satisfied Power Plate users, including professional sport users, professional golfers, celebrities and everyday users.


Sport specific

The Power Plate can be used to enhance any sport and a training program can be followed preseason, off-season and in-season. Based on the training goal the focus can be on strength, power, hypertrophy, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance and plyometric training.



Massaging on the Power Plate improves blood circulation quickly throughout the body. Massages after any marathon, cycling race or competitive sport speeds up the recovery process and reduce muscle soreness.


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