Personal Training

An exercise session can consist of:


· Muscle toning and strengthening

· Muscle endurance

· Cardio-respiratory endurance

· Flexibility


The ideal exercise program should include all of the above elements.















Benefits of Personal Training


The US Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health was released in July 1996.


The Surgeon General’s Report, based on a large body of evidence, showed that physical activity:


· Lowers the risk of dying prematurely and from heart disease

· Reduces the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure

· Helps maintain weight and healthy bones

· Helps lower blood pressure in those with high blood pressure

· Promotes psychological well-being


The report recommended 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise on most, if not all days of the week.


Positive effects of physical activity:


· Improved cardiovascular efficiency – improves the functioning of the heart and lungs, reduces total cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, regulates blood pressure and promotes higher activities of daily living

· Weight control – (energy balance)

· Improved posture

· Stress release

· Improved sleep patterns

· Psychological benefits – feel better about self

· Reduced risk of degenerative disease

· Faster recovery after disease, injury, surgery

· Relieve many aches and pains

· Greater movement ability (range of movement and strength)

· 37% reduction in the occurrence of breast cancer in females training at least for four hours a week.














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Apparatus for each session can include the following:


· Airex mat

· Stability ball

· Medicine ball

· Soft ball

· Bench

· Rubber bands

· Dumb-bells

Personal Training sessions


A session duration is normally one hour and may vary based on the fitness level of the client as well as the exercise program.  Please feel free to contact me on 084 442 0558 or for assistance and additional information.

Personal Training sessions in the comfort of your own home


A specialised service is available for those who would like to exercise in their own privacy and comfortable environment.  One hour sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your own home and consist of muscle toning and strengthening, muscle endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance and flexibility. This service is limited to Brits, Hartbeespoortdam and surroundings.


For additional information and fees structure, please contact me on 084 442 0558 or